Ya ya, I know. Stock is bad, stock is evil, but hey: Stock holds my pictures back from the eternal nowhere and sometimes gives one or another Photo a sense. 🙂

It doesn’t make me rich but once or twice a week it makes me smile when I sell a picture of a butterfly, a meeple or a landscape for a couple of cents and it makes me wonder who is buying my images.

There are so many platforms and sub-platforms and special platforms that it would take me forever to upload every picture everywhere, so I only use the most common ones.

I bet there are thousands of photographers out there with billions of unused pictures worth a lot of gold but not uploaded because all this naming and tagging and releasing take so much time that the world would stop to turn. hmm… maybe this is a business case 🙂

Anyway: Here is an overview of the Klaus Vartzbed Stock Portfolio:




Adobe Stock: